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JQuery: Get/Load Element by ID (or) Clases with spaces - Sample code

In Jquery we allowed accessing the element by its class or ID. If we use the help of class means the '.'(dot) followed by class name will help us to access the information. If we use ID means, the '#'(hash) followed by ID name help us to load the element object. The below is the accessing element property.

Drupal 7: Commerce POS Accessing Order object

The Drupal Commerce Commerce POS module help us to achieve Point of Sale concept. The Drupal Commerce POS differs from normal commerce order. On Commerce POS they have implemented their own Order management rather than using Commerce Order. This has been achieved by its own interface and classes. On Completing each order, the order is again mapped to normal commerce order.

Drupal 7: Render Drupal system forms in custom module[drupal_get_form()]

The function drupal_get_form() is used to get the form details. Normally in Drupa,l the form field are constructed as an associative array. This associative array is defined inside a form function. The function name is the form ID, using this form ID we can able to render the form.

PHP: Removing BOM(Binary Order Mark) from given string

The Binary OrderMark(BOM) is the hidden secret code used for securing the data transfer via REST services. Commonly this BOM details available starting of each string(Commonly exist in first 3 characters). But will saving in Database or processing we no need this code. So we can strip from actual code.

PHP: Debugging decoding JSON value problems - jsondecode()

The function jsondecode() function will help convert a json formatted string into JSON object. Using this object we can access its key value pairs of JSON content. Some cases we cannot create JSON object from the string. Below are possible reasons of cannot create JSON objects.

Drupal 7: CURL HTTP request with example(drupal_http_request())

The CURL is the PHP functionality for access external website contents. Using CURL request we can get content data, content or files from any other service providing websites. In Drupal 7 the function drupal_http_request(), will help to achieve CURL request for us.

A pull down effect (pull-to-refresh functionality) to load asynchronous data in ionic 2.

We are going to use "ion-refresher" which comes by default in Ionic. This can be achieved by adding the "ion-refresher" as a child to the "ion-content" HTML. Create a callback function for "ionRefresh" at the respective typescript file. The pulling icon and the spinner is provided by default at the refresher.