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Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.

September 2016

Our journey starts here

Codeexpertz, We have started our journey as a blog focused to share our working experience. Started focusing on Drupal, Ionic, Angular and much more as a code snippet in such a way that it helps millions of developers.

June 2017

Our First kick start project

First step! A maintenance website for support as well as adding new features. This is challenging since its our first maintenance website which is an eCommerce portal which has thousands of users.

August 2017

Drupal 8 as a backend service

A learning portal mobile application which consumes web services from Drupal. This has a two tier custom authentication layer for exposed web service. It also includes our first cache server implementation for Drupal to improve service response time.

October 2017

Our first milestone

As a blog website, we have crossed 75,887 page views of about 40,845 users across 184 countries around the world. We have improved our site ranking of about 35 lakhs with in one year. And now, we have again set our second milestone for upcoming years.

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Our latest Blogs

Drupal 8 : Programmatically send Mail from system with example

Drupal 8: Programatically update Node with example

Drupal 8 is provided with a function service() from core is used to send Emails. This function returns an object that helps to trigger mail from system by passing argument as “plugin.manager.mail”. Using this Object call mail() function.
Ionic 2 - Calendar

Ionic 2 - Calendar

You can add a calendar in ionic using the node module "ionic2-calendar". Below are the steps to configure a calendar in ionic2 application. Typings and Intl are the dependencies for ionic2-calendar implementation. npm install -g typings
Ionic 2 components - Cards (Part 1)

Ionic 2 components - Cards (Part 1)

Cards are used to highlight the display of any content in the page. Information can be displayed in an organized manner. Cards are nothing but a CSS component.
CMI in Drupal 8 - Configuration Management Initiative

CMI in Drupal 8

Configuration Management Initiative (CMI) in drupal seperates “content” from "configurations". It uses yml files to store the configuration datas and it provides a way for deploying configurations over the sites which includes development, staging and production.

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