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Drupal 7 : Check given Path is valid system path or not with source code

To check given path is Drupal system path or not by using below functions. It check all Drupal system and modules path. It accepts string of path is argument return TRUE if valid path else FALSE if non exist path. We can able to pass wild cards for dynamic paths. For example node/*, comment/*. This function will check these type of paths also.

NodeJS : Writing Simple Program in NodeJS

In NodeJS is Server side program. It similar to JavaScript, It will create the servers. These servers help to serve request based on our requirements. In NodeJs we need to install required modules with help of npm(Node Package Manager). It will maintains packages that are helps to extend our functionality.

NodeJS : Solving Cross Origin(CROS) Request Block with Code

In NodeJS we try to access the request from unknown URL(for example localhost) it blocks our request and return CROS error on browser. This type of errors are normally arise from Chrome browsers. To resolve this blocking we need to inform our express app to allow headers with specified access methods. Normal allowing methods are “PUT, GET, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS”.

PHP : Encoding specials symbols into HTML entities and Decoding HTML entities to special symbols with Example

In HTML normal special characters are considered as entities. So normally these are encoded as string. Normally &, <, >, ‘ and “ are special symbols. In PHP we can able to encode special symbols into HTML entity vice versa able to decode HTML entities into special symbols.

PHP : Replacing logical operators with logical strings with Example

In PHP normally we use logical operators for validating. The operators performs operation with values and return Boolean value as TRUE or FALSE. Normal logical operators are AND(&&) and OR(||). We can able to replace logical operators with logical strings.

Drupal 7 & 8 : Alter system path with custom Paths with Example

In Drupal system defines some paths. For example “node/add/CONTENT-TYPE”. We can change system path in custom module. There is hook function “hook_menu_alter()”. This hook loads all menu items in our system. By changing the items path by our custom path so system work with new path. In this hook we can also unset system path by unsetting item path.