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Drupal 7: Writing your custom table hook_schema() with Example

In Drupal hook_schema() help to create the Tables in Drupal system. This schema is defined in MODULE_NAME.install file. This hook invokes during the Module install. Similarly, during module uninstall tables defined in hook_schema() automatically get deleted. The below is the syntax and example of implementing hook_schema().

Drupal 7: Commerce Order Status update programmatically

In Drupal, commerce Orders are acted as a separate entity. The order has different status during each stage on purchasing. These status updates are taken place during the order checkout process. It possible us to update order status programmatically from one state to others.

Document and window click event not works in iPhone and iPad as expected

$(document).click(function (e) {}); or $(window).click(function (e) {}); will work perfectly on IE, Firefox and Chrome. But it won't work in iPhone and iPad Safari except some elements. Since by default "DIVs" are not "clickable" elements we have to makes iOS treat it as clickable. The problem is iPhones dont raise click events. They raise "touch" events. A small work around is to make the element clickable using CSS. So you need to add