MySQL: Sorting Alpha-Numeric values with Example

In MySQL, the ORDER BY keyword is used for sorting the records ascending(ASC) or descending(DESC), by default it will be on ascending. The default ORDER BY statement will not work with Alpha-Numerical values(The values is mixed of both numbers and strings). To resolve this problem we can use ABS() MySQL function.

MySQL : Importing Database Dump / Backup to MySQL Server

We can able to make dump of MySQL database as .sql file[Refer: MySQL : Backup / Dump MySQL Database in Windows and Ubuntu]. By using the dump of sql file we can import them to MySQL database using the mysql command "use FILE_NAME.sql". This will import entire database source file into database schemas and dataset to schemas. Import time is based on Dump size.

MySQL Storage Engines

Mysql is a database used for web based software development applications.Mysql is found that one of the best RDBMS Relational Database Management system.Mysql is database which manipulates the data and stores it in tables.Sql-Structured Query Language.