Drupal 8 : Check Module Exist or Not

In Drupal 7 there function called module_exist(). This function returns true if module exist else return false. For Drupal 8 module_exist() function is Deprecated. In Drupal there is Core function moduleHandler() will more information about modules in Drupal system. The moduleHandler() returns a object, using this object we can call moduleExists() function with module name as parameter to the function.

Drupal 8 : Writing your own Access denied

If we planned to restrict some pages from user we put 404 error message to that page that is called Access Denied. To achieve this in Drupal 8 we need to use Symfony components class. This AccessDenied is handle as Exception in Drupal 8. By using HttpKernel’s AccessDeniedHttpException class constructor Drupal 8 throwing 404 error.

Drupal 8 : Page Redirection with Sample code

In Drupal 8 fully works on OOPs concept. To create page redirection we need to use Symfony components class. The page redirection is done by RedirectResponse Class from Symfony HttpFoundation. This class object used inside function as a return parameter. While creating object we need to send valid site path to the constructor of RedirectResponse class. In Drupal 7 we using drupal_goto() function for redirect.

Drupal Feed Import : Migrate any Website into complete Drupal site -Part 2

To view part 1 Feed configuration In this part explain how to setup importer and importing a JSON file into Drupal content. Importer setup is help to specify our importer parse type and Drupal entity to save parsed data. In addition help cron job to handle importing and create or update entity information’s.

Drupal Feed Import : Migrate any Website into complete Drupal site -Part 1

Feed is module in Drupal to migrate any site into a Drupal website. Feeds support different type of parser to import data into Drupal CSV parser, XLS/EXCEL parser, OPML parser, JSON parser, etc.,. This document helps to import JSON document to Drupal website content. In order to automate the process of instructing your Drupal website to pull content from json file using feeds, go through the following steps:

How to use GIT commands, list of GIT commands and it uses

This blog explains how to use GIT commands, list of GIT commands and it uses. It lists the necessary GIT command followed by it explanation. It covers GIT configuration, Creating repository, review history, make changes, branching, commits, remotes, sync changes, save fragments, patching and drush.

Manage user’s active logins in Drupal 7.

   Today with multiple applications being built using Drupal and with user's accessing Drupal from different devices, a security feature that is must needed is for the user to be able to monitor and manage the different sessions through which he is using the application. This module helps to manage a user's active logins. The user can view his active logged in information such as Hostname, Acce

Drupal Memcache Accessing caches from Slabs and Deleting using keys.

Memcached is an open source, distributed memory object caching system that alleviates database load to speed up dynamic Web applications. Memcached stores data according to a key. Data can be of various sizes so you can store small bits (like 1 record pulled from the database) or you can store huge chunks of data (like hundreds of records, or entire finished html pages).