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How to use setTimeout function in jquery, make a delay in code execution.

jQuery setTimeout can be used if we need a delay in our code. It executes the code with a delay of specified time in milliseconds. Normally 1 second is equal to 1000 millisecond. This function accepts the first argument as a reference to a function.

Creating a PhoneGap Instance, A HelloWorld Android App using PhoneGap with Push Notification

PhoneGap run on top of cordova. Basically it is a cordova based application. This tutorial covers the steps to create a phonegap Hello world app and configure for Push Notification.Install Node.js, git and then, via command-line run the following in a workspace folder for phonegap. Follow the below steps to create instance,

Manage user’s active logins in Drupal 7.

   Today with multiple applications being built using Drupal and with user's accessing Drupal from different devices, a security feature that is must needed is for the user to be able to monitor and manage the different sessions through which he is using the application. This module helps to manage a user's active logins. The user can view his active logged in information such as Hostname, Acce

Override Hardware back button in cordova based application - Ionic

In a cordova based application the following three methods can be used to override hardware back button. -- onHardwareBackButton -- offHardwareBackButton -- registerBackButtonAction ​onHardwareBackButton - It is used to bind a back button event, this is used to catch a back button action.

Drupal Memcache Accessing caches from Slabs and Deleting using keys.

Memcached is an open source, distributed memory object caching system that alleviates database load to speed up dynamic Web applications. Memcached stores data according to a key. Data can be of various sizes so you can store small bits (like 1 record pulled from the database) or you can store huge chunks of data (like hundreds of records, or entire finished html pages).