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Drupal 8 : Check Module Exist or Not

In Drupal 7 there function called module_exist(). This function returns true if module exist else return false. For Drupal 8 module_exist() function is Deprecated. In Drupal there is Core function moduleHandler() will more information about modules in Drupal system. The moduleHandler() returns a object, using this object we can call moduleExists() function with module name as parameter to the function.

Drupal 8 : Writing your own Access denied

If we planned to restrict some pages from user we put 404 error message to that page that is called Access Denied. To achieve this in Drupal 8 we need to use Symfony components class. This AccessDenied is handle as Exception in Drupal 8. By using HttpKernel’s AccessDeniedHttpException class constructor Drupal 8 throwing 404 error.

Drupal 8 : Page Redirection with Sample code

In Drupal 8 fully works on OOPs concept. To create page redirection we need to use Symfony components class. The page redirection is done by RedirectResponse Class from Symfony HttpFoundation. This class object used inside function as a return parameter. While creating object we need to send valid site path to the constructor of RedirectResponse class. In Drupal 7 we using drupal_goto() function for redirect.

Creating a Android application using ionic framework.

Ionic is a framework which is an open source tool for developing hybrid mobile applications. Ionic framework is build on top of cordova. Hybrid mobile applications are nothing but mobile applications which are build using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Follow the simple steps to create a HelloWorld Android App and run it in your android device.

Javascript / jQuery : Handling dynamic text change inside HTML elements with Example

To detect the event when text change inside the any HTML element like div, span, table or etc., using DOMNodeInserted, DOMContentLoaded, DOMSubtreeModified and DOMNodeRemoved events. These events are known as Mutation events. Below is the sample code of handling Mutation events on different browsers.