Drupal 7: Programmatically updating rules with example

Rules are used for trigger any action based on some condition pass. The contribute module Rule is used to achieve this features. We can able to programatically create and update rule action and conditons. The function rules_config_load() helps to load rule object by its name. The rule object will return attributes of particular rule. Using the object of rule we can able to edit its values.

Drupal 7: Updating Administrator password programatically

There are several chances by accident we will forget administrator password for the Administrator. The newer version of Drupal core comes with the salt algorithm to encrypt the password. To update the new password we need to encrypt them before an update. The below is the example and syntax for update password. Add the below code in index.php above menu_active_handler().

Drupal 7: Programmatically update Commerce Line Item

In Drupal Commerce is an entity reference to the order during order creation. The line item will refer the product in the order. We can able to programmatically update the line item using the function "entity_metadata_wrapper()". The below example will show how to update the line items programmatically.

Drupal 7: Commerce Order Status update programmatically

In Drupal, commerce Orders are acted as a separate entity. The order has different status during each stage on purchasing. These status updates are taken place during the order checkout process. It possible us to update order status programmatically from one state to others.

Drupal 7: Programatically Loading commerece cart item of a user with samplecode

In Drupal commerce, cart items are handled as Entity. The cart items are referenced to the particular user id. Using user id we can able to load cart details that are currently added by the user. The function "commerce_cart_order_load()" takes user id as argument to load the cart details. The below example shows how to load cart details of the current user.

Drupal 7: Programatically update commerec Line Item with example

In programmatically we can able to alter commerce line items. The line items are kept as an entity in Drupal commerce system. Using the function "commerce_line_item_load()" we load line item as the object and able to access line item properties. The function commerce_line_item_save() will help to update the line item.

Drupal 7 : Entity Object(entity_load()) vs Entity Wrappered Object(entity_metadata_wrapper()):

In Drupal Node, User, Taxonomy, Files,.. are consider as entity. We can load the Entity information by it ID. There are two types of Entity load mechanisms, a). Entity Object(entity_load()) b). Entity Wrappered Object(entity_metadata_wrapper())