Drupal 7 : Loading Order Details from LineItem ID

The Line Items in Drupal commerce used to refer the product in Order. Using the Line Item id we can able to load order details. The function commerce_line_item_load() will contains respective order ID of the order. We can able to get the order details from order ID using the function commerce_order_load().

Drupal 7: Programmatically update Commerce Line Item

In Drupal Commerce is an entity reference to the order during order creation. The line item will refer the product in the order. We can able to programmatically update the line item using the function "entity_metadata_wrapper()". The below example will show how to update the line items programmatically.

Drupal 7 : Programatically Loading and Updating Commerce products with Example

We using Drupal Commerce to store and retrieve line Items. It treat product as separate entity. The product informations are able to load by its product ID, the product information we get as Object. Using the product object we can update the values of commerce product. The below Syntax and example shows how to load commerce product and update values programatically.

Drupal 7 : Programmatically adding Fields in View with Example

By Default Drupal Views show the fields that are configured in UI. Based on our requirements we can able to add custom fields to view on rendering. This feature is achieved by using the HOOK hook_views_pre_view(). Using the object of $view we can call function “add_item()” this will add the fields to the View.