Drupal 8 : Introduction to Big Pipe

The Big Pipe is the new methodology for loading web pages. While using Big Pipe concept it will split request into multiple requests this request is sent parallel for the server. The server completes its first request from multiple, then sent the response to the browser. The Browser will not wait for all responses. Whenever it will receive a response it will render output.

PHP: Removing BOM(Binary Order Mark) from given string

The Binary OrderMark(BOM) is the hidden secret code used for securing the data transfer via REST services. Commonly this BOM details available starting of each string(Commonly exist in first 3 characters). But will saving in Database or processing we no need this code. So we can strip from actual code.

PHP: Debugging decoding JSON value problems - jsondecode()

The function jsondecode() function will help convert a json formatted string into JSON object. Using this object we can access its key value pairs of JSON content. Some cases we cannot create JSON object from the string. Below are possible reasons of cannot create JSON objects.

PHP: TCPDF Font style Change(Adding external fonts)

TCPDF is a PDF library for generating PDF for given content. The Library is open source available on We can download that library to create PDF for our need. This article will demonstrate how to change default font style of TCPDF library with our custom TTF font file.

PHP: Get/Strip particular element from HTML

The below is the sample code for strip a particular HTML element from given string HTML. Using this function we can able to get particular div, span, p, body, article,.. any HTML wrapped element by its class or id. This function accepts 4 parameters, HTML string to get particular Tag, Strip tag name, Identifier name Class or Id and Identifier Class name or Id name.

Drupal : Programatically Accessing Entity information - entity_get_info()

Entity is a object or instance of a base or extended class. Each entity have their own properties. The entity_get_info() is a function used for access entity information. Below is the sample code which show how to access the Entity information with entity ID.

PHP : Encoding specials symbols into HTML entities and Decoding HTML entities to special symbols with Example

In HTML normal special characters are considered as entities. So normally these are encoded as string. Normally &, <, >, ‘ and “ are special symbols. In PHP we can able to encode special symbols into HTML entity vice versa able to decode HTML entities into special symbols.

PHP : Replacing logical operators with logical strings with Example

In PHP normally we use logical operators for validating. The operators performs operation with values and return Boolean value as TRUE or FALSE. Normal logical operators are AND(&&) and OR(||). We can able to replace logical operators with logical strings.