How to get current content moderation state in drupal 8.

Currently upon editing a node has workflow current state displayed on the node edit page. This information will not be available on node_load or entity load. Since the current workflow or content moderation state information will be on latest revision of that content. All just you need to do is to load the latest revision of the content.

Drupal 8: Accessing Node values and properties by loading

The node object is loaded by the function load() of Node class of core Drupal system. The object of the node will hold the pieces of information like Content type, created timestamp, author and revision values. Similarly we able to access node field values. The below is the example accessing the Node properties field values of the node.

NodeJS : Solving Cross Origin(CROS) Request Block with Code

In NodeJS we try to access the request from unknown URL(for example localhost) it blocks our request and return CROS error on browser. This type of errors are normally arise from Chrome browsers. To resolve this blocking we need to inform our express app to allow headers with specified access methods. Normal allowing methods are “PUT, GET, POST, DELETE, OPTIONS”.

Creating a Android application using ionic framework.

Ionic is a framework which is an open source tool for developing hybrid mobile applications. Ionic framework is build on top of cordova. Hybrid mobile applications are nothing but mobile applications which are build using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Follow the simple steps to create a HelloWorld Android App and run it in your android device.