Document and window click event not works in iPhone and iPad as expected

$(document).click(function (e) {}); or $(window).click(function (e) {}); will work perfectly on IE, Firefox and Chrome. But it won't work in iPhone and iPad Safari except some elements. Since by default "DIVs" are not "clickable" elements we have to makes iOS treat it as clickable. The problem is iPhones dont raise click events. They raise "touch" events. A small work around is to make the element clickable using CSS. So you need to add

What is hybrid application and why.?

Hybrid applications are web applications, Runs in the native browser, Developed using HTML, CSS, JS Frameworks, Wrapped in a native application using platforms like Cordova, Re-use their existing skills in web development, Being built on one single base, can be affected to multiple platforms, and Common UI for better user experience

Override Hardware back button in cordova based application - Ionic

In a cordova based application the following three methods can be used to override hardware back button. -- onHardwareBackButton -- offHardwareBackButton -- registerBackButtonAction ​onHardwareBackButton - It is used to bind a back button event, this is used to catch a back button action.