JQuery: Get/Load Element by ID (or) Clases with spaces - Sample code

In Jquery we allowed accessing the element by its class or ID. If we use the help of class means the '.'(dot) followed by class name will help us to access the information. If we use ID means, the '#'(hash) followed by ID name help us to load the element object. The below is the accessing element property.

Javascript / jQuery : Handling dynamic text change inside HTML elements with Example

To detect the event when text change inside the any HTML element like div, span, table or etc., using DOMNodeInserted, DOMContentLoaded, DOMSubtreeModified and DOMNodeRemoved events. These events are known as Mutation events. Below is the sample code of handling Mutation events on different browsers.

How to use setTimeout function in jquery, make a delay in code execution.

jQuery setTimeout can be used if we need a delay in our code. It executes the code with a delay of specified time in milliseconds. Normally 1 second is equal to 1000 millisecond. This function accepts the first argument as a reference to a function.