ionic 2

Ionic 2 components (Part 1)

Let's learn some of the useful components in ionic 2. "Action sheet" - Action sheets are nothing but a dialog in which the user can choose from a set of options. It is normally shown as a popup above the page. This action sheet contains an array of buttons with properties such as

Sample Code:

A pull down effect (pull-to-refresh functionality) to load asynchronous data in ionic 2.

We are going to use "ion-refresher" which comes by default in Ionic. This can be achieved by adding the "ion-refresher" as a child to the "ion-content" HTML. Create a callback function for "ionRefresh" at the respective typescript file. The pulling icon and the spinner is provided by default at the refresher.

Theme Ionic 2 Application - Customize and modify default theme layer of ionic application

Ionic is built on top of Sass, which allows us to set some default styles. SASS is nothing but a "CSS preprocessor" which is a scripting language that extends CSS by allowing developers to write code in one language and then compile it into CSS. Some examples of CSS preprocessor include: Sass, LESS etc.