PHP: Get/Strip particular element from HTML

The below is the sample code for strip a particular HTML element from given string HTML. Using this function we can able to get particular div, span, p, body, article,.. any HTML wrapped element by its class or id. This function accepts 4 parameters, HTML string to get particular Tag, Strip tag name, Identifier name Class or Id and Identifier Class name or Id name.

Theme Ionic 2 Application - Customize and modify default theme layer of ionic application

Ionic is built on top of Sass, which allows us to set some default styles. SASS is nothing but a "CSS preprocessor" which is a scripting language that extends CSS by allowing developers to write code in one language and then compile it into CSS. Some examples of CSS preprocessor include: Sass, LESS etc.

Drupal 8: Enabling/Disabling Theme Debugging

Theme debugging will help on developing our Drupal 8 site. It will suggest the TWIG file that associate for DOM structure to change. This information is appended to command in HTML that Drupal renders. We can access this information in inspecting the HTML or on developer window. When debugging is enabled the markup of each Twig template is surrounded by HTML comments that, contain theming information, such as template file name suggestions.

PHP : Encoding specials symbols into HTML entities and Decoding HTML entities to special symbols with Example

In HTML normal special characters are considered as entities. So normally these are encoded as string. Normally &, <, >, ‘ and “ are special symbols. In PHP we can able to encode special symbols into HTML entity vice versa able to decode HTML entities into special symbols.

Remove HTML tags in AngularJS using user defined Filters with example and Demo

Filter are used to modify the data in AngularJS. Here we create a custom filter to remove the HTML tags from a string. “removeHTMLTags” is the filter name. Used regular expression to strip the HTML tags from the given string..

Javascript / jQuery : Handling dynamic text change inside HTML elements with Example

To detect the event when text change inside the any HTML element like div, span, table or etc., using DOMNodeInserted, DOMContentLoaded, DOMSubtreeModified and DOMNodeRemoved events. These events are known as Mutation events. Below is the sample code of handling Mutation events on different browsers.