Storage in Ionic 2

Storage in ionic 2 can be used to store data key/value pairs. We can also store JSON Objects. This Storage can work using may storage engines, here it will choose the best based on the platform. If the application runs in native platfrom it will use SQLite where as if it is in browser it use IndexedDB. Follow the steps to use Storage,

Creating a Android application using ionic framework.

Ionic is a framework which is an open source tool for developing hybrid mobile applications. Ionic framework is build on top of cordova. Hybrid mobile applications are nothing but mobile applications which are build using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Follow the simple steps to create a HelloWorld Android App and run it in your android device.

Procedure to remove back button text and add a simple back button at ionic app - android

Removing a back button text and adding a back button icon in ionic app is quite easy. You should use the $ionicConfigProvider to change the ionic back button title. Following code removes the back button title from the app...

Override Hardware back button in cordova based application - Ionic

In a cordova based application the following three methods can be used to override hardware back button. -- onHardwareBackButton -- offHardwareBackButton -- registerBackButtonAction ​onHardwareBackButton - It is used to bind a back button event, this is used to catch a back button action.