Creating Ionic2 mobile application

Ionic is a framework which is an open source tool for developing hybrid mobile applications. Ionic framework is build on top of cordova. Hybrid mobile applications are nothing but mobile applications which are build using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Ionic2 uses Angular2. Some of the features of angular2 are,

  • AngularJS 2 is open source.
  • Its beta version is released in the month of March 2014.
  • Angular 2 is maily focused on mobile apps, yes it is a mobile first approach.
  • Easy to understand.
  • Angular 2 is component based approach.
  • Angular uses TypeScript (super set of JavaScript).
  • It has fewer concepts when it is compared to angular 1.
  • It is faster than angular 1.
  • It is fully UI responsive.
  • Dependency injection is used to avoid long code.
  • Angular 2 supports latest browsers incluing IE9+.

Follow the simple steps below, 

First download and, install Node.js  - from the link

                                      install Android SDKs from

Enter the following commands in Command Prompt:

Installing Ionic via commandline...

npm install -g cordova
npm install -g ionic@2.1.18

If you need to start with a sidemenu templete then,

ionic start MyIonic2Project sidemenu --v2

Navigate to the project,

cd MyIonic2Project

Execute the below command to run the application in browser environment,

ionic serve

Sample Screen 1:



Sample Screen 2: