HTML: Restrict/Avoiding HTTP referrer information

In the HTTP request will track the previous page URL in the "referrer" information. Basically, the referrer information is an URL of request initiated page. We can hide this referral information by putting no-referral in HTML tags. The below is the syntax of using no referral.

Method 1: No-Referrer Metatag
Meta-tags hold minimal information of each pages. On the meta -tag we can specify content as "no-referrer" to avoid referrer information.
<meta name="referrer" content="no-referrer" />
Method 2: Anchor tag noreferrer
The Anchor tag is initiate the new HTML request from one page to another. On the anchor tag we can specify "noreferrer" property to avoid traking.
<a href="/codeexpertz/blogs" rel="noreferrer" >Blogs</a>