Revisions in Drupal 8.

Revisions in Drupal 8 comes as a part of core. Every time when you edit or create  a content in Drupal 8 you will be provided with an option to create a of that content or page. This is helpful for the process of revert back to the older content.

Creating a new revision.

Open any content edit page or content create page you will find a option below the Published with a checkbox stating “Create new revision”. Once you enable you will be shown a description field for describing the revision where you can have a note on the current edits of the content.


Now, save the page.

Lorem Ipsum   drupal 8.2.5.png

Edit the content for some changes:

Edit Article Lorem Ipsum   drupal 8.2.5.png

Editing the values inside the body field and new log message is given for a new revision.

Revert back to older version of the content.

Lorem Ipsum   drupal 8.2.5 (1).png

When you edit the content, you will find a tab as “Revisions”. After clicking “Revisions” tab  there will be a list of older revisions where you can choose one of  your choice and then click the button “Revert”.

Revisions for Lorem Ipsum   drupal 8.2.5.png

Confirm on your revert process.

You will be asked for a confirmation stating that “Are you sure you want to revert to the revision from”. Confirm the revert by clicking the “Revert” button. Now the revision will be restored. Now view the content for its changes.