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Drupal Commerce: Get order quantity from order_id with sample code

In Drupal, commerce order contains multiple products. These products are attached to the line item to the orders. The line item table holds the information about the quantities and other information. The below is the simplest code to get the quantity of the order with different products.

Drupal 7 Commerce: Programatically adding the Billing and Shipping informations to Order

In Drupal, commerce order contains both Billing and shipping information on normal checkout process. If we are creating the commerce order programmatically then we have to add this information in manually. The below is the example of code for adding the Billing and shipping address to the order.

MySQL: Sorting Alpha-Numeric values with Example

In MySQL, the ORDER BY keyword is used for sorting the records ascending(ASC) or descending(DESC), by default it will be on ascending. The default ORDER BY statement will not work with Alpha-Numerical values(The values is mixed of both numbers and strings). To resolve this problem we can use ABS() MySQL function.